Promotional Sms

Promotional SMS are the SMSes which are sent with an objective of promoting any product or service. This category includes any sales, marketing or any promotional activity messages which may or may not be transmited by the recipients name. As per the Guidelines of TRAI Promotional messages can be send only from 9AM to 9PM and only to numbers that are not the NDNC registry (DND numbers). These SMSes can be transmited by help of internet connection. These SMSes are having a capacity to be transmited to lack of people in a single second. Using promotional SMSes one can even target different locations, regions and even countries. In short Promotional SMS are having a vide range of target locations geographically and can be spread in very less time to a mass number of audience.

Transactional Sms

Transactional SMS are the SMSes which are sent to your specific customer (which have opted to recieve information) to pass on information necessary for using your product or services. As per the TRAI transactional SMS can only be by passed verifing the Pre approval of message templates. These can be acknowledgement to the actions performed by a user on any app / website. Any online transaction, school information, banking updates or any informative message. Such messages are delivered to all users weather registered under TRAI DND list or not. These messages are suppose to work 24×7, and are suppose to be delivered instantly to confirm or Validate certain transactions or registrations so are suppose to be delivered with in seconds.

Voice Call Services

Voice Calls are also known as Outbound Dialing (OBD), these are the system made dialing process. This system automatically dials call to a list of mobile users provided by the user. OBD transmited the pre-recorded audio messages in automated manner using telephony based voice calls. One can even transmit the voice in different languages using prerecorded audio message. OBD Campaign can be managed with a redialer facity for the one who is not picking up the call, one can even shedule the voice as per date and time.

Virtual Number

Virtual Numbers are 10 digit Numbers which are varient according to any locations, these numbers are used virtually so are being connected to high bandwidth pri lines, so as to get the resonses with minimum cost to cosumers, these virtual numbers are used as long code number for response fetching for any keyword/ keywords, this number can be used 24x7. These numbers are also used for call recieving purpose as these numbers which connecting to pri lines are getting forwarded to manny offline numbers for customer care so that no lead will be wasted and the system is managed using a branding of one mobile number. For any requirement of virtual number solution call us and we offer you the best.

Tollfree Number

Toll Free Number are numbers start from 1800-0000-000 , this number is being used as same for all India and no prefix is required, this number is a complete office automation tool , as this number is cost free for those who are dialing this, this number is having an option of call forwarding to multiple operators in real times, as this number is integrated with pri-lines which are high bandwidth lines, toll free number as is free of cost so the queries are high so as the response comes on sales, this toll free solution is best for all type of businesses, as we see these numbers are majorly used for real estate companies / marketing agencies / shopping portals / placement agencies etc who are looking for high number of responses per day. We provide best solutions with best price for your requirements.

Missed Call Service

Missed Call Service is a tool used for fast lead generation. Now a days this missed call number has gained high popularity in India. Many Corporate gaints are using missed call service for thier TV promotions, banner adds, contests etc. The best and the most effective part in this model is that the end user or end customer will not loose even a single penny for opting -in, or showing his/her interest. This is also widely used as opt-out tool for registered database. This works as a normal 10 digit number, which is strengthened with high Pri's which are capable of handeling a heavy loads. It works 24x7 without disturbing any one.
Missed Call Number is a virtual 10 Digit Local number for any operator/ circle across India is served where any mobile / landline number can make a call which automatically disconnected after a single ring. Its totaly free of charge for the end user. This miss call data automatically updated in the data base. The Caller is also acknowledged with a instant SMS regarding the completion of process.

Short Code Services