Our Voice Panel is a fully featured to match users requirement, One can push transactional voice & promotional voice to any mobile & landline number using our services, voice campaign can be scheduled for future, 1 voice pulse is for 30 Sec. This service is available for Indian operators this is very easy to understand the utlities of Web Panel. All information related to, Bulk Uploads, Group Management, .CSV Upload is mentioned on the Important Information Area.

Free Setup

We Do not charge money from our customers for setting up Web Intergace or Account Creation. User needs to pay only for Voice call purchased.


It automatically dials out to the list of numbers weather mobile numbers or landlines updated in the web panel with for campaigns.


Promotional Voice campaigns are to be processed to the attached list of numbers after getting filtered with NDNC Database.


Transactional Voice campaigns are to be processed to all the registered numbers attached weather listed with DND or not but for this declaration has to be submitted before the campaign execution.


Feature of Auto redial helps the campaign to perform good as it auto dials the numbers who did not picked the call on the first go.


Feature of scheduling is available in the web interface where campaign can be scheduled as per requirement, so as to saving the time and efforts.


Delivery reports are available on the portal for every campaign done having the numbers who have heard the voice and how much time they have heard.


Voice Calls are also known as Outbound Dialing (OBD), these are the system made dialing process. This system automatically dials call to a list of mobile users provided by the user. OBD transmited the pre-recorded audio messages in automated manner using telephony based voice calls. One can even transmit the voice in different languages using prerecorded audio message. OBD Campaign can be managed with a redialer facity for the one who is not picking up the call, one can even shedule the voice as per date and time.

Automatic Dialing: Automatically dials out to the list updated with campaigns.
Automatic Redialing: Automatic Redialing unsuccessful calls by segregating them.
Customized Reports: Generates reports on parameters like subscriber who heard the obd & even the duration.
Call Patching: Supports call patching or any campaign which is having a facilcity of Press 1 to connect to customer service agents.
DND Scrubber: Automatically scrubs with the data of TRAI so as not DND Number will recieve the promotional Voice OBS.
Transactional OBD : OBD Can be transmited to DND Numbers as well if the requirement of the campaign meets the guidelines set by TRAI.

Voice Buzz Cost/ 30 Sec (Ps.) Cost in INR GST Net Price (Incl. GST)
 4,700 846 
 7,800 1404
 18,500 3330
 34,000 6120
 60,000 10800
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